Emily’s Victory Garden


Hello everybody!  Today, we are going to take a look at Molly and I’s Victory Garden!  I have some photos to share with you, so let’s take a look!

I hope you liked it!  We post every Friday, and next week, we’re having a special birthday tea for Molly!  See you then,



Molly and Emily’s Room Tour

Hey everybody!  It’s Emily and today, I am going to show you Molly and I’s room!  It is super pretty and Molly and I love to hang out in it.  Come on, let’s go!


Here is the room!


In our closet, we have some dresses and shoes that we like to wear.  Molly and I also share clothes!


On the side of the closet, we also have some accessories.

Molly and I also sleep in a bunk bed!  We have some slippers by the ladder and SSamantha made the bedding and pillows.

On the dresser beside our bed, we have some things we use everyday like our ration book and typewriter.

On the wall we have some pretty wall art and we also have some chairs for us to sit on.

That’s our room!  Be sure to follow, comment, and like all our posts!



How To Ration-By Emily

imageHello everyone!  Today, I’m going to show you how to ration in the 1940’s!  Since food was sometimes scarce, Americans were expected to ration their food.  Today, I’m going to show you how!


So basically, there was red point foods and blue points.  The red point foods were easy to send to soldiers, so Americans had to eat less of them.  There was a limit of red point foods and a limit of blue point foods.  Here are the red point foods:

Oil, wheat, Meat, butter, cheese, and sugar.


For the blue point foods, they could often spoil if sent to soldiers, so Americans could eat more of the blue point foods.  Here are the blue-point foods:

Fruits, Vegetables, processed food like ketchup, juices, and canned produce.

Ration books were meant as a guide.  To do your part, you must register to ration at your local FDA center.  You are allowed more or less points depending on how large your family is.


Hopefully, now you understand how much was limited at the home front in America.  Stay tuned for a peek at my Victory garden next week!  Leave a comment, like, and follow!


A Puppy Picnic- Molly


Hey there!  It’s Molly, and today, I took Yank out for a picnic.  He Was So Well Behaved!


“Well, I just finished up the fifth chapter of My Book!  Now it’s time to eat my sandwich!”

It was like a staring contest between my sandwich and Yank.


“No Yank, Bad Boy!”


“No!  My sandwich!”

Well, it seems like his name is Yank for a reason.


-Molly Rose McIntire


We will be posting every Friday!


Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind This Blog


Hi there!  Our Names our Molly and Emily!  I am Molly.  Together, we will be writing on this blog!  Are you excited?  Well today, we get to talk about…US!  Yay!  Lets get started!


I’m Molly.  In my stories, I live in Illinois, but I really live in California with Emily.  I love root bear floats, Dogs, and my Dad’s locket.  He died in action.  I also LOVE to read, just like Emily.  My favorite book is the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.  I like to wear my prettiest dresses and daydream about the English Princess’ tea party’s.


Hello there!  I’m Emily Bennet.  My favorite foods are lemon tarts and watercress.  They are both from England, where I used to live.  I like to wear floral dresses with puff sleeves, plaid skirts, and matching berets.  I also really like dogs.  Molly and I share a dog named Marigold.  I like to look at my scrap book pictures of Princess Emily and  Margaret Rose.  I hope you enjoy our blog!  Good bye!

-Molly and Emily

Why Hello There…

Hello!  This is me, Samantha who is very excited to introduce to you my doll’s new site!  You may know me from my other blog, agdollawesome, but for Christmas 2015, I am giving Molly and Emily a present they will never forget:  their own blog to share!  (Shh!  Don’t tell them!)  Molly will be the main blogger, and whenever I interrupt one of their posts, I will write in italic.  This blog will be written from their point of view, and the first post written like that will be in either December 2015 or January of 2016.  I hope you enjoy their little corner of the internet!